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Our Mission 


At Golden Saddles, we commit ourselves by providing our professional assistance and developing long-term relationships with our clients. Our certified professionals are patient and eager to help students succeed at their own levels of learning. Whether in group or private lessons, our clients will receive individual attention to ensure safety, comfort, and progress. 


Golden Saddles invites people with mental, physical and psychological disabilities to share our facility and engage in safe equine assisted activities that aid in the development and improvement of physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. We are compassionate about the hardships and perseverance that entails having a family member with disability.  Our aim is to cultivate optimism and independence through mounted and non-mounted equine activities.


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Therapeutic Riding


Horseback riding is not simply a recreational activity. It is also an effective form of therapy for individuals with almost any physical, cognitive, developmental and emotional disability. Through the equines’ rhythmic movement, riders are able to solidify vestibular, neurological and circulatory processes while improving range of motion, core strength, balance and sensory integration. Horseback riding also promotes the refinement of functioning impairments including, attention retention, emotional regulation, social engagement as well as a strong foundation for life’s endeavors.

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Victoria Show

Camilla Coury

Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Camilla Coury has been a passionate horseback rider since the age of 6.  Earning a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts,  has committed to her love for horses and helping children with disabilities by becoming a certified, PATH International therapeutic riding instructor and opening her very own equine assisted therapy and horseback riding program, Golden Saddles. 

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